DigiManAI—A Chatbot powered by GOOGLE’s Gemini AI.

DigiManAI—A Chatbot powered by GOOGLE’s Gemini AI.

DigiManAi is an flutter based application everyone desires for. If you have any queries or any confusions but have a hard time finding it on the vast ocean of data that is the internet…worry no more just ask our DigiManAI chatbot. This google powered Gemini chatbot is here to help you with all your confusions and queries. All you need to do is ASK. It will show you all the appropriate answers that will save you a ton of research time.

As of Today The API Key is free for everyone from google. They do have plans to bring subscription based model but as of this date the process of getting an API key is completely free. Enjoy the newest and powerful AI completely free. HURRY UP!!!
This application has simple coding structure, clean features, modern and unique design which will help your andrid application to be more beautiful as well as unique. This application was built using FLUTTER programming language hence suitable for both android and iOS mobile platform.

Application Features:
  • Google Gemini AI
  • Easily Customizable Chatbot
  • Send Text Messages and get Response
  • Send Images and get analysis of the uploaded image
  • Dark Mode | Light Mode
  • Data Model till April 2023
  • Easy Customization
  • Online as well as offline documentation
  • Amazing customer support
  • No Coding Skills required
  • No extra server required

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