DigitalHR- Face Recognition Attendance System(Offline)

Digital HR (Offline) is a complete solution for all your attendance management and is written in Flutter language. This application is offline based which means you don’t require an internet connection to use almost all of the features. The only time you need the Internet is to email the exported data of user attendance records. Besides that, all of the features in the application can be fully used without the Internet. This application is rich in features and especially uses face detection for attendance. This application uses Google ML Kit in order to learn the faces of employees. You just need one device for this application. One device can be placed in an office and all the employees must be registered in the application, Once registered users can then perform their check-in check-out as well as lunch in and lunch out.
Not only does this app use Google ML Kit for facial recognition but we have made sure that users cannot perform their daily attendance on any back or future dates. This mechanism works for both Android as well as iOS. You don’t need to depend upon any web server or internet for this application to run as well and you need not fear employees tampering with the dates and performing their daily attendance. The report generated has been tailored for any HR Representative, All needed data are perfectly exported for your convenience.
This application has a simple coding structure, clean features, modern and unique design which will help your Android application to be more beautiful as well as unique. This application was built using FLUTTER programming language hence suitable for both Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Price: $99.00

Application Features:
  • Single Device Application – Just ONE device is enough for all employees
  • Hybrid Mobile Application
  • Works on Android as well as iOS
  • Machine Learning via Google ML Kit for Facial Recognition
  • Dashboard to perform check-in/check-out as well as lunch-in/lunch-out
  • Settings Panel
  • Company Profile Setup
  • Master Password to access Setting panel if set and enabled
  • Forgot password feature which can be accessed by the admin’s facial recognition
  • Forgot password log book, logs cannot be deleted even by admins
  • Employee Creation with Facial data recognition using Machine Learning
  • Shift Management
  • Early check-in or early check-out feature in shift management
  • How early can an employee check in or check out or how late after designated shift time can an employee check in or check out management?
  • Birthday Reminder
  • Notices Management
  • Export data in CSV format
  • Custom Birthday Messages
  • Date Time Tamper check in both Android as well as iOS
  • Fraud Detection as well as check. Thumbnail-size images are taken during each attendance and admins can verify this from the settings page
  • Other general settings

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